Government of Nepal
Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies
Singhadurbar, Nepal

Role of Private Sector in EIF/NTIS Implementation

By MOC | 2011-08-20
Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

Government of Nepal (GoN) recently launched Nepal Trade Integration Strategy (NTIS) 2010. The NTIS charts a possible course for the development of the country’s export sector over the next five years together with possible capacity development actions and selected short-to-medium term priorities that are supportive of “inclusive growth.” However, the success of NTIS will largely be determined by it effective implementation, which will need active involvement of all the stakeholders, including private sector.

In this background, on 20th August 2010 a workshop on "Role of Private Sector in NTIS implementation" was organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies through Nepal Enhanced Capacities for Trade and Development (NECTRADE) Project to initiate the process engaging business community in implementation of NTIS 2010. 

For the detail program, click here.

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