Government of Nepal
Ministry of Commerce
Singhadurbar, Nepal

Modified Date : 2016-06-23
Designation Name Office Phone Intercom
Hon'ble Minister of Commerce Mr. Meen Bahadur Bishwakarma 4200054  
P.A. Mr.  4200054  
Hon'ble Minister of State for Commerce Mr. Nar Bahadur Chand 4211546 1546
P.A. Mr.  4211546 1546
Secretary Mr. Chandra Kumar Ghimire 4211446 1446
P.A. Mr. Narayan Bhusal 4111446/4211903 1446/1903
Joint Secretary Mr. Toya Narayan Gyawali 4211431 1431
P.A. (Nayab Subba) Mr. Suresh Neupane 4211431 1431
Joint Secretary Mr. Rabi Shankar Sainju  4211643 1643
P.A. Ms.  4211643 1643
Trade Policy Analysis and Research Section
(Email: policy[at]
Under Secretary Mr. Buddhi Prasad Upadhyaya 4211500 1500
Section Officer Mr. Shreedhar K.C. 4233217  
Computer Officer Mr. Pabitra Dangol 4233217  
Foreign Aid Mobilization Section
(Email: fam[at]
Under Secretary Ms. Anita Niraula 4211460 1460
Section Officer Ms. Sharada Chalise 4211460 1460
WTO Committment Implementation Section
(Email: wto[at]
Under Secretary Mr. Mahendra Kumar Sapkota 4211616 1616
Section Officer Ms. Shanta Nepal Marashini    
Section Officer Ms.     
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section
(Email: planning[at]
Under Secretary Mr. Shiva Prasad Tripathi 4211292 1292
Section Officer Mr. Ashbin Kumar Pokharel 4211623 1623
Section Officer Mr. Nabraj Acharya 4211623 1623
Law & Decision Execution Section
(Email: law[at]
Under Secretary Mr. Ramjee Danai 4211449 1449
Section Officer Mr.     
Administration Section
(Email: admin[at]
Under Secretary Mr. Ram Krishna Adhikari 4211590 1590
Section Officer Mr. Chhabikiran Paudel 4211590 1590
Section Officer Ms. Bijaya Satyal 4211590 1590
Financial Administration Section
(Email: fa[at]
Under Secretary (Account) Mr. Janardan Prasad Badal 4211537 1537
Account Officer Mr.    
Regional, International Trade and Export Promotion Section
(Email: regional[at]
Under Secretary Mr. Manoj Kumar Acharya 4211532 1532
Section Officer Ms. Laxmi Kumari Shahi  4211532 1532
Section Officer Ms.     
Bilateral Trade and Transit Section
(Email: bitrade[at]
Under Secretary  Mr. Tarka Raj Bhatta  4211541 1541
Section Officer  Mr.  4211541 1541
Section Officer  Mr. Gobinda Bahadur Thapa    
Internal Trade and Trade Facilitation Section
(Email: intrade[at]
Under Secretary Mr.  4211533 1533
Section Officer Mr. Thakur Prasad Tiwari 4211533 1533
Section Officer Mr.  4211533 1533
NPM Dr. Vidur Ghimire 4233217 ext. 24
Nepal India Regional Trade and Transport  Project (NIRTTP)
Under Secretary  Mr. Yogendra Prasad Pandey    
Section Officer  Mr. Kamal Raj Shrestha    
EU Project: Trade and Private Sector  Development (TPSD)
Team Leader  Mr. Achim Seiler  9808150379  
Store (Section Officer) Mr. Purushottam Pokharel 4211443 1443
Inquiry & Darta Chalani (Na. Su.) Mr. Rajlal Yadav and Ms. Susila Timalsina    
Library (Na. Su.) Mr.    
WTO Reference Center Mr. Kiran Rajbhandari 4267541